Bird Fountain

Birdbaths are common but have you ever heard of a bird fountain? Is there a difference? You bet. A bird bath is simply a shallow vessel of water on a pedestal. It needs to be shallow to be safe for the many song birds likely to visit it, from Sparrows to Blue Jays, Cardinals, Grackles, Doves, Chickadees, Robins and many others.birdfountains This is why you may never have seen a bird fountain. A recirculating pump cannot operate in a shallow vessel of water. It needs to be in several inches of water and a bird bath can’t have much more than a couple of inches of water total.


How have we resolved this dilemma? In the fountains  above and below we have built in a floor near the bottom, creating an absolute water-tight cavity which holds about a gallon of water. The pump sits inside andDSC_0631 the cord exits the base of the pedestal. The pump can be easily replaced (the cord runs through a water-tight ‘feedthrough’.)

This unique design for we which are in the process of applying for a patent, permits the upper basin to be always filled with one to two inches of water which is constantly recirculating. There is a sponge foam filter around the pump greatly reducing the need for cleanings. When cleaning is desirable, just lift the upper basin off the pedestal, which fits into it, and lift out the pump. These images show these bird fountains in our studio. They look much better outside. Ideally these are best placed on a raised platform, stand or on a balcony as the pedestals are about a foot tall. Can you imagine the delight birds will take playing in their own fountain with either a spray or bubble-up?