A Tiny Maine Coon Kitten – Aurore

Jackie was waiting at the Port Authority in NYC one very cold winter morning for a very early bus to visit her parents near Boston. In those days the Port Authority was pretty disreputable so she wasn’t surprised to see as she waited on the bench, a dirty old sock on the floor among old paper cups and discarded newspapers. Then the sock moved. It moved again and upon investigation Jackie found the tiniest kitten – a scared, starving, unkempt and desperate Maine Coon. No one seemed to claim or care for the pathetic creature so as the bus pulled up, inside Jackie’s coat went the kitten and together they boarded the bus.  The sun was just then rising so as Jackie comforted the little thing she thought of a name for her, Aurore, French for sunrise. (Jackie was raised aurorein France.)

Aurore was too young to have been weaned so it was touch and go and many visits to the vet to keep her alive. But live she did, and though a Maine Coon, she remained quite tiny all her life. Jackie’s mom had cared for lots of cats but Aurore was Jackie’s first and was wonderfully affectionate, repaying in spades the kindness shown her. This is Aurore in the palm of Jackie’s hand some while after her rescue. Not a typical Maine Coon, due to her earliest days. But such a beloved one.

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